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The Vipers are looking for a mascot that encapsulates the fun of playing basketball and we want YOUR help in creating it!


We gave it a go ourselves with MS Paint, and as you can see from the results above, it didn't go as well as we expected…. should have tried harder in 11th grade Art Class...


So our design staff is now banned from using MS Paint (even drawing) and we're reaching out to you for help with this competition. The winner will receive season tickets and a chance to participate in the unveiling ceremony!


What do you think the mascot should be like? We’d want it to be family friendly and funny, and to be connected to women’s basketball. It can be 2D, 3D, 2.5D, or 4D if you want. Let your ideas flow free!


The Mascot Design Competition is open from November 10th, 2022 to December 30th, 2022

Check out the competition rules here. Free Vipers account is required to participate. Enrollment is done from the Vipers Website here.

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